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15 Days

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55 Days

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Business Days

Min : $10

Max : $1000


After 55
Business Days

Min : $10

Max : $1000


After 15
Business Days

Min : $10

Max : $1000


After 25
Business Days

Min : $10

Max : $1000


After 100
Business Days

Min : $10

Max : $1000

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CRYPTO KINGDOM LIMITED is a registered investment company based in the United Kingdom under the company number 10435981. This information can be verified on the Company House website. Registered office: Aireside Centre South Street, Morley, Leeds, United Kingdom, LS27 8AT.

LEGAL DOCUMENTS : https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/10435981

A certificate of incorporation of a private limited company is a legal document relating to the formation of CRYPTO KINGDOM LIMITED. In United Kingdom the certificate of incorporation forms a major constituent part of the constitutional documents of incorporation. It is a document produced by a newly organized corporate entity and submitted to a state office for registration purposes, and this document officially indicates the company's existence.

All investments carry an element of risk which may vary significantly. If you are unsure as to the suitability of a particular investment or product, you should seek professional independent financial advice. Taxes, rules, rates and reliefs are subject to change without notice in the future and taxation will depend on your personal circumstances and your Country. Charges may be subject to change in the future depends on legal notice. The directors may decide to purchase and maintain insurance, at the expense of the company, for the benefit of any relevant officer in respect of any relevant loss.

Our company has for a long time studying the investment funds market in cryptocurrencies and successfully apply the acquired skills and knowledge to obtain a stable profits. Excellent demonstrated a significant increase in assets and allowed the company to offer for their products and services on the open market to all who are interested in a profitable investment and a stable income in the long term. The team of financial professionals with strong in finance team to effectively analyze the market and financial situation. Read More

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